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At our farm, ‘natural horsemanship’ goes far beyond the rope halter and the carrot stick…I include all aspects of ‘natural’  into keeping my horses as natural as possible in a barn/paddock and field situation.  From diet to barefoot trimming…..I treat horses that come in for training as if they are my own.  Each horse is an individual and no two training programs are alike.  What makes me different is that I am looking at the WHOLE horse and not just his training because my own horses have taught me that good learning starts IN the barn by watching what they do and who they are, not just what happens out in the arena.  Respect and giving the horse an opinion in how they learn best and by letting them teach me are the cornerstones to a successful relationship. 

Trainer of horses: off the ground, carriage driving or under saddle and their humans

Photographer of all things beautiful

We are different for a reason.  Please feel free to look around my web site


Contact me: 

Deb Harper

34968 Sim Road, Abbotsford, BC  V3G 1N6 

Phone: 604-820-2684


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  1. Hi Deb, I love your website, amazing pictures and information. I hope I can get down this summer for another lesson, this time with my pair, Shadow and his sister :) Two similarly different horses. He is the first to be come up and say hi, she runs if you try and halter her…He is driving well (albeit he still rushes…), she is being retrained out of a forced pleasure driving career… hasnt ever learned to carry herself properly. I am hoping they will be a good pair, as they move similarly (when they arent “bickering”). I would love to find a time that works to come up and stay over for a couple of days :) I will be up in the area for all of the cool Runnings, however they are in the Heritage park and Thunderbird this year. Will keep in touch as I find it very peaceful and calming at your farm.
    A quick question though, what are your thoughts on gastrogaurd? I am worried about the stress of trailering up there as Shadow didn’t do well last time and I am hoping them being together will help, but looking at alternatives too.
    I will add too (what a great time to send a message eh? 1:30 AM…..) our horses have been on the feed you had started us on last May, and I have seen a huge improvement in poops (yep im checking them!!) and behavioural issues are disappearing!! I am truly thankful for the information you gave my horses and I, we can’t thank you enough.

    I hope to keep in touch!




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