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Confessions of an Extrovert



Flash and I

I am an extrovert.  A high energy, fast paced person and talker by nature, but I have learned to shut up and watch when I am working horses….

I do tend to talk more when I am working a horse in front of someone….. for the owner or a student…. just so they can be directed to what I am saying, doing, watching, thinking…because sometimes its just so darned subtle that it can be easily missed.  And that’s the really cool part.  A lot of horses are reactive JUST because of the people that handle them.  I’ve been around people that would make ME crazy!

All around me I see people that miss the little clues because they aren’t in the moment.  Horses react to the energy around them.  If I want a horse to relax the first thing I am going to do is sigh out loud and exhale.   That trained ME in the beginning to get rid of my adrenaline.   So anyone that comes to watch their horse will hear me talk more than I would normally just so they can pick up on what the horse is telling me and why I am doing what I do but when I am alone with the horse, its pretty quiet out there in the arena or in the yard.   Like that famous rock song…” I don’t want to miss a thing..”

Moon and I..waiting for her to give permission for the halter to be put on

Sean and I

 I’ve learned over the years to slow down (and it isn’t just age!) Sometimes its the little things that make a difference in the beginning….like putting a halter on a horse….I wait those 5 seconds with the halter poised, waiting for the horse to drop his nose to give me permission to put it on, and not just drag it on….That’s being respectful of the horse, and enpowers him to have that tiny little bit of opinion to say OK..I’m ready for the halter now.  I don’t have to be in such a hurry anymore.  And its hard for an extrovert.

Natural horsemanhip (of anyone’s) teaches you to make it about the relationship and not about the goal. That’s a hard concept for humans to grasp. My big warmblood Lyric taught me in a good way to slow down and be in the moment with him and I am thankful I had him for my teacher. And the cool thing is that it translates into working with people! I am a better people-person because of what horses teach me.

Bella and I down by the Fraser River

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  1. Hi Deb…I just want you to know that I have learned more about horses from you than anyone in the world. If I’d known you before I began writing my novel, Ground Manners, it would have been a much, much better work. I am continually amazed at your ability/gift to “read” horses, and what makes it even more amazing is that you declare yourself an extrovert. The amount of love required to quell your natural extroversion and listen, truly listen, watch, and learn what a particular horse’s need is, just blows me away. I am your constant admirer and student. Cynthia


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