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The World lost a special little horse


Robin Hood

It’s with a heavy heart I write to say that the world lost a special little horse on Thursday.  Robin Hood was a foster miniature horse that came to my farm for diet rehab.   He was surrendered to Pipsqueak Paddocks, a very special place that accepts minis that need to be re-homed….sometimes because of abuse, or neglect…sometimes it’s because of financial issues and in Robin’s case, his owner was ill and couldn’t take care of his special needs.  She had tried for months and months…vet bills totaling over $4000, for a problem that was misdiagnosed as an inflammation issue when in fact it turned out to be metabolic in nature, made worse (much worse) by the multiple wrong drugs prescribed.  And because I was on the ARK Nutrition program with my farm, it made sense that Robin come directly to me. 

Robin did well here.  He was anorexic when he arrived and thanks to Amanda’s program and my diligence he began to gain weight and eat again. He received regular chiropractic adjustments to help with his immune system.   He was with me for 6 months and had gained 50 lbs…and that’s a lot of weight, when you figure a normal mini of his size weighs about 230 lbs to begin with…that’s how very sick Robin was when he arrived on Boxing Day in December.  He looked like he had given up on trying…now he WANTED to live again and had purpose once more…

You see….Robin was adopted by a super family to be a companion for their 9 yr old little girl that had suffered a fall from her bike and had a serious brain injury.  She came to the farm to be around smaller horses and I paired the two of them together because of Robin’s amazingly patient personality.  It turned out that Robin was well suited to be a therapy mini for Elizabeth and after they adopted him and took him home in July, together they spent many months playing and enjoying the healing that each one provided.

However, his time on earth was limited.  The attending pathologist told the family that they were angels themselves to have helped and supported him to live so long; other horses with this problem live for far less time.  And it was his special diet that supported him for that extra year, of that I have no doubt, that and his sense of need to help Elizabeth..a little girl that needed him as much as he needed her.

The autopsy report said: This horse died as a result of chronic, severe, right dorsal colitis
(inflammation and tissue death in the colon) – a lesion that is most commonly associated with Bute overdose in horses. The colitis appears to have been going on for some time and therefore fits with the
history of Bute administration in the past. The colitis resulted in two unfortunate sequelae: 1) colonic stricture and 2) perforation of the colonic wall resulting in septic peritonitis, which was ultimately the cause of death.

Robin should never have been put on Bute for his metabolic problem to start with- it was diet related not inflammation.  I am still fighting back tears of sadness and anger that another veterinarian failed to recognize symptoms of acidosis.  I will get off my soap box now and suffice to say that the world lost a little horsey angel on December 15th.   Rest in Peace, Robin- you enriched my life while you were here and you certainly provided an inner strength to Elizabeth to help her recover from her injury


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  1. Dear Robin, Go sleep with the angels, my dear. Love, Cynthia


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