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Horse Play in the Winter




While we might be faced with extra chores during the winter, something about the snow and the cold brings out the goofiness in our horses that is a joy to watch.  Dogs too…My Kerry Blue had a blast leaping into the snow and the Shih Tzu was all gung ho until he sank out of sight with the first drift he tried to follow the other dog into! 

For all the beauty of a fresh snowfall it seems like the humans have more work to do.  It may be beautiful but there’s little time to admire it because we are out there packing warm water and breaking ice in the water buckets… We have extra

messy stalls if the horses can’t go out, the barn tends to smell like a cheap hotel….and I go through more hay each day to keep them a bit busier when they can’t go out and pick around.  Not to mention needing to be careful of the slippery conditions as we go about our normal routine.  In our area of the province we are quite temperate so the snow surprises us when it lasts. 

Sky and Flash

Our particular area is prone to drifting, so it’s nothing to have bare fields, but a 4 foot drift in the gateway.  My riding arena had a drift up to the second railing!  But thankfully we get back to our normal rain fairly soon and we are inconvenienced for days and not weeks.  With this last storm, I missed a couple of days of work…the roads were impossible even WITH a 4 wheel drive….It was 2 days before we saw a snowplow, and chances are, the wind blew snow over the roads within hours of his trip by and roads were impassable again.  In the grand scheme of things, we are pretty lucky…..

The funniest horse has to be my big warmblood, Lyric….

He was beside himself and spent the first few moments of turnout either leaping into the air or bucking and rolling…And once he discovered the drifts in his field, he plowed through them all multiple times, some up to his belly (he’s 16 hands) and walked up on one drift in the corner and looked over the hedge to the neighbors!   

The miniature horses love the snow too.  Flash spent his turnout time trying to race Sky the Welsh stallion.  And Bobby and Breaker had a ball in the orchard, burrowing in the snow with their faces hoping to score an apple or two.  (Good luck, fellas!?)  And speaking of treats, we had to put the carrots in the barn fridge to keep them from freezing! 

However, nothing beats the sound of contented horses munching their hay or gobbling their hot dinner, knowing I can retreat back to the house to curl up with a good book or movie.  There’s a certain peace to a snow fall and a certain beauty that goes with it so I hate to complain….Just pile on the layers of clothes, suffer through wet gloves, gum boots with holes and dogs that leave little snowballs wherever they sleep and enjoy the season as best I can!


Breaker and Bobbysox


Ruby and Flash



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  1. Great pix, as always, Deb!


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