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Northern Nite Sky  A9713 Apr/4/2001 is a black Section A Welsh stallion that originally came for training in 2006.  Besides being a striking color with 4 white socks, he is one of the smartest horses I know.  He is a left brained extrovert that has become even more left brained with natural horsemanship.  This freedom allowed him an opinion and (although I might not LIKE it!) it gave him the much needed confidence to bloom into an amazing horse.  He was described as ‘testy’ by his breeder and he has attitude to burn but a lot of that stemmed from unconfidence and his reactions are sometimes still over the top.  But with a sense of humor and patience, what remains is a brilliant horse that is fun to play with…  He is brave and loves the puzzles that I put to him, both on line and at liberty.  He throws babies that are lovely movers and Trinket, his daughter that spent 6 months with me as a weanling was a delight to work with.

Sky was the Supreme Welsh Champion and the Supreme Champion Pony over all Breeds at the 2006 BCWPC show in Maple Ridge in 2006.

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