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I have taught Clinics in BC and Washington State.  Most are two days clinics when I travel away from the farm.  Because of my experience, I am equally at home with the beginner driver or the beginner horse, to fine-tuning someone wanting to compete at a higher level.  I have a good eye and sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make a big difference in your performance.   When provided with a good PA system and a walking microphone, auditors also glean a great deal of information as I teach.  I also like to combine my photography skills and will often take a few photos during your lesson and then later email them to you with comments so you can see what I was seeing as you worked with me.  Past students are greatly in favor of this- it’s the lesson that goes ON teaching long after I return home.

Testimonials: Here are just a few comments from some of the participants of a recent clinic:

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Deb – thank you ever so much for sharing your knowledge. Everyone enjoyed themselves. There was soooooo much information given and we learned by watching and doing. Most definitely, unanimous to have you back again if you would come. ~Unknown
What an awesome weekend! Huge thanks to Tony and Helena for welcoming us to their gorgeous facility and home, and to Carol-Ann for organizing this fantastic event. And also to Deb Harper who is a fabulous clinician. She has a caring and wonderful way with each individual horse. I learned a ton, and am inspired to continue to learn all I can about driving. Really enjoyed everyone’s company and it was truly a great experience for us. ~Candace
Thank you – Kudos to everyone who participated in this sold out clinic. What a fun and educational time – and we couldn’t have had better weather, location or clinician in Deb Harper. I learned so much, in the cart and out. ~Carol-Ann
Wow, what can I say about such a fantastic weekend!!! The weather was perfect, the location paradise, fellow attendees so much fun, the food delicious and Deb Harper incredible. Even my horse behaved and made me look like I knew what I was doing. I think we all came away from the clinic with heads full of new information – Deb has so much to share with us – from feeding to harnessing and to driving cones and dressage. Can’t wait to do this all again! ~Wendy
Great Clinic today. Really having fun driving Buddy and enjoying great company. I highly recommend Deb Harper. Awesome teacher and learned so much. ~Karen
Would you please send me Deb’s e-mail address, as I would like to thank her for all her help with Willie G. He was very nervous on the first day, but settled down on the second day. I really enjoyed the clinic, and would like to take another one with her. Thanks. ~Mercia

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