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Horses that come here for schooling become part of the family.  I am not a “make” trainer and while there is always a goal in mind, I put the relationship ahead of that goal. I work with your horse the way I would want someone to work with one of my own horses….with respect and with kindness.  As Parelli says…”Love, Language, and Leadership in equal doses.”   I incorporate natural horsemanship methods that set the horse up to realize that I will keep them safe while they learn.  I am the person in charge of their safety and well being.  To earn their trust and to set them up to be confident – that comes first, and the learning follows.

My back ground for training is varied.  I was 15 when I started taking dressage lessons.  I babysat to earn the money and I owned a saddle before I owned a horse.  Luckily my instructor wasn’t the beat-it-into –you type and my non-horsey mother often told the story of how she was sitting in the lounge room off the indoor arena watching 4 teenagers have their lessons and the instructor came into the room and watched us practice and said wistfully to my mom in a thick German accent….”See that girl there? (Pointing to me) That is the one that will keep going and be good…She is the one that will make it”

I didn’t set out to be a trainer of horses or humans to be honest.  I just loved being around them and working with them and showing them…..I loved doing it, had good results.  People watched and saw me and asked me to help them and the more I taught or trained the better I got.

Thanks to Lyric, I started my natural horsemanship journey and studied Parelli methods and have worked with local professionals and amazing horsemen like Jonathan Field and Sandy Lang.  I have studied the videos and the writings of other great natural horsemen in North America.  I have used the methods of all these people to develop my own style based on what I know to be true. ..Respect in everything I do with a horse is upper most in my mind.

Your horse will come into my barn and be allowed to settle for a few days in order to watch them and figure out their innate ‘horsenality’ traits that will guide me in working with them.  I use my permanent obstacles to walk the horses in hand during those first 48 hours to see what they need from me based on those early observations.  I email you on a regular basis, often with photos,  to keep you up to speed, especially in those early days as your horse settles into a new barn and a new routine.   Even the most trouble horse settles fast in a barn with a positive energy throughout.

And then depending what your goal is for your horse, I can begin to structure a learning program based on his individuality, keeping in mind what you strive for.  You are welcome to visit anytime.  You are welcome to watch anytime, and later on, have hands-on experience because the two of you need to learn together.  The art of communication is subtle in a horse and the more you know about the language of Equus, the more successful you will become when working with them.   I work with a smile on my face and joy in my heart because my intent is true.

Natural horsemanship says you have to be an effective leader, and rather than being a ruler, it means being the person in charge of their safety and well being as they learn….never to force or threaten or to be disrespectful of their different ways of learning and coping.  Horses don’t speak English and they are always trying to figure out what we mean.  Horses don’t plot to anger or frustrate us or try not to comprehend…but if our face is saying one thing while our bodies are saying another, how are they supposed to figure us out?  You wouldn’t go to a remote village in the jungles of Africa and demand that the primitive tribe speak to you in English…you would be trying to figure out their communications and language, so why do we insist the same of our horses?  We, at the very least… out of respect, should try to learn theirs first.  Monty Roberts had been quoted as saying something like he’d ‘never taught a horse anything but rather created the environment in which the horses WANTED to learn…’  I always keep those words of his in my mind and strive to do that everyday I am with them.


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